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The 50th Virginia Company D reenactment unit was founded by the Wade family for the purposes of portraying Civil War historical events and honoring those men who served in the 50th Virginia, which included their own ancestral grandfather, Captain James L. Bishop of Company D.  The company currently has three generations of family members participating in the reenactment unit.  Gary Wade, former Captain of the unit and now Lt. Colonel of the Independent Guard Battalion, still retains membership in the company and remains our “historical emeritus”.


We are a family oriented, non political organization that enjoys the activities and excitement associated with reenacting involving such activities as the camp life as well as participating in the reenacting of the battles.


The organization is comprised of people from all walks of life that share the same fascination of the Civil War and the admiration for the courage of those who fought in it.


Our company is active from the spring and into the fall months participating at events on the local, regional and national levels.  Events include community living histories, school educational events, local festivals that include small scale battles and skirmishes, regional battalion size events, and national events commemorating the original battles of the Civil War. 


The 50th Virginia Company D is a member company of the Independent Guard Battalion based out of mid-Indiana.  The Independent Guard Battalion is a member battalion of the Trans-Mississippi Brigade which enables us to participate in national events as part of Huckabee’s Brigade.


Our commissioned and non-commissioned officers are elected from and by the membership based on commitment to the organization as well as knowledge and ability to lead the company on and off the reenactment field.  Newsletters are printed and mailed periodically to all members and consist of the schedule of events, “After Action Reports”, reenactor help topics, and occasionally period recopies, methods, techniques, and various subjects related to the Civil War and reenactment unit.


If you wish to enrich your understanding of the Civil War history, meet and participate with a great group of people, or to contact someone for possible participation in your educational program, please visit our Contact Page for more information.


President & Captain Jim Lemon

Vice President 1st Sergeant Richard H. Rucker

2nd Sergeant Brian Clark


Secretary / Treasurer Kennetta Lemon

Newsletter Editor – Captain Jim Lemon

If your ancestors were membes of the 50th Va. Give us a call, We may be able to get you some information on them