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These compiled names of the 182 individuals listed below are known to have served in the 50th Virginia, Company D during the Civil War.  Undoubtedly due to incompleteness or absentia of records there may be some omissions or possible errors.  Where two ranks are given, the first listed is the mustered in rank and then followed by their last known rank at end of their Confederate service.

Since mustering into service the company would be commanded by three captains beginning with Lynville J. Perkins in 1861, followed by Thomas Jefferson Baldwin in early 1863, and lastly by James L. Bishop in early 1864 to the conclusion of  hostilities at the end of the war, April 12th, 1865 when the 50th Virginia Regiment disbanded.

According to records there were known to be that at least 1,734 men that served in the 50th Virginia Regiment of all companies.  Men killed in action or died of wounds totaled at least 148, disease killing at least 116, and another 33 died of unknown causes.  Five died in accidents and 125 are known to have died in Union prisons.  At least 290 were known to have been wounded in action.  With at least 290 men that were known to have been wounded in action added to the 427 men that died in service in the regiment, the total comprises over 40% of the casualties of the 50th Virginia Regiment experienced throughout the war.  If one was to also include the amount of men missing in action and those absent by desertion – whether it be by the conscripted, enlisted, or officers alike – and further adding into the fact that the 125 that perished in Union prisons were out of over 500 that were being held, that total percentage of loss in regimental strength rises to nearly 50%.

By the end of the war during the surrender of Robert E. Lee’s Army of North Virginia at Appomattox Courthouse in April of 1865 very few of the 50th Virginia Regiment was there.  As a matter of fact the total of officers and soldiers in the entire regiment present and able for duty only numbered around 100 men – hardly enough men for one full strength company.  It is noted, however, members of Company D were certainly included in that number.

John Adams – Pvt.

Mastin Adams – Pvt.

Elbert T. Anderson – Cpl.

Spencer M. Anderson – Pvt.

Stephen F. Anderson – Pvt.

James Arnold – Pvt.

Morgan Fielden Baker – 2nd Lt.

Hiram Baldwin – Pvt.

John Baldwin – Pvt.

Noah C. Baldwin – Pvt.

Thomas Jefferson Baldwin – Capt.

William M. Baldwin – Pvt.

Joseph Ball – Pvt.

Franklin Barton – Pvt.

Nathan L. Barton – Pvt. / Cpl.

James L. Bishop – Pvt. / Capt.

Calvin Blevins – Pvt.

Harrison Blevins – Pvt.

Noah Blevins – Pvt.

Richard Brown – Pvt.

George William Burns – Pvt.

William H. Caldwell – Pvt.

James M. Calloway – Pvt.

Stephen Comer – Pvt.

Teril Cox – Pvt.

Jacob Robert Cress – Pvt.

J.W. Davenet – Pvt.

Elisha Davis – Pvt.

Henderson Davis – Pvt.

John F. Davis – Pvt.

Jonathan Davis – Pvt.

Robert Davis – Pvt.

Solomon Davis – Pvt.

Troy Davis – Pvt.

G.W. Dillon – Pvt.

Marion Dillon – Pvt.

Franklin Dollinger – Pvt.

Aquilla M. Draughn – Pvt.

Henderson Duncan – Pvt.

John D. Duncan – Pvt.

Calvin Farmer – Pvt.

Isaac Farmer – Pvt.

John Franklin Gore – Pvt.

William J. Gore – 1st Lt.

Edwin Dudley Greer – Pvt.

John Freeland Greer – Pvt.

Conrad Grubb – 2nd Lt.

Mitchell Grubb – Cpl.

James Halsey – Pvt.

Andrew Hash – Pvt.

Byron B. Hash – Pvt.

Jackson B. Hash – Pvt.

James M. Hash – Pvt.

Jerome C. Hash – Pvt.

Joseph B. Hash – Pvt.

Robert Hash – Pvt.

Wesley Hash – Pvt.

William Henderson – Pvt.

Jeremiah Hopkins – Pvt.

Marion Jackson – Pvt.

Elijah P. Johnson – Pvt.

George Washington Jones – Pvt.

Granville W. Jones – Pvt.

John B. Jones – Pvt. / 4th Sgt.

James Martin – Pvt.

W.A. Matheny – Pvt.

Wesley Wade McClellan – Pvt.

William H. McGrady – Pvt.

E.A. Miller – 1st. Lt.

Calvin Madison Mink – Pvt.

David F. Mink – Pvt.

Hiram R. Mink – Pvt.

Jacob T. Mink – Pvt.

James Owen Mink – Pvt.

Wiley F. Mink – Pvt.

William H. Mink – Cpl.

Thomas F. Mitchell – 2nd Lt.

William D. Mitchell – Pvt.

Ezekiel Morgan – Pvt.

N.B. Morgan – Pvt.

Pierce Mullen – Pvt.

Joseph Mullin – Pvt.

N.J. Newton – Pvt.

Martin Noonkester – Pvt.

James Osborn – Pvt.

Noah Osborne – Pvt.

Osborn Kesterson Parsons – Pvt.

James Patrick – Pvt.

Daniel Peak – Pvt.

John A. Peak – Pvt.

Noah Peak – Sgt.

Uriah R. Peak – Pvt.

Washington Troy Peak – Pvt.

Wilborn Peak – Pvt.

Andrew R. Penington – Pvt.

Andrew Jackson Penington – Pvt.

Clayborn Harvey Penington – Pvt.

David Penington – Sgt.

Elijah Ansel Perkins – Pvt.

Emory Thompson Perkins – Pvt.

Fleming T. Perkins –Pvt.

Hiram J. Perkins – Pvt.

Ira Gordon Perkins – Pvt.

James C.A. Perkins – Pvt.

Jerod G. Perkins – Pvt.

John M. Perkins – Pvt.

Leander N. Perkins – Cpl.

Lynville Jackson Perkins – Capt. / Major

Orvil M. Perkins – Pvt.

Robert H. Perkins – Pvt.

Stephen G. Perkins – Pvt.

William Troy Perkins – Pvt.

John M. Phipps – Pvt.

James Alexander Pickle – Pvt.

Joseph H. Pickle – Color Sgt. / 1st Lt.

Samuel C. J. Plummer – Pvt.

David Price – Pvt.

Ambrose Pugh – 1st Lt.

James T. Pugh – 1st Sgt.

John M. Pugh – Cpl.

Mitchell Martin Pugh – Sgt.

Robert Pugh – Sgt.

William Eli Pugh – Pvt.

William F. Pugh – Pvt.

George Washington Quillen – Pvt.

Marion Quillen – Pvt.

Abram Reedy – Pvt.

Andrew Jackson Reedy – Cpl.

Andrew Reedy – Pvt.

Christopher Columbus Reedy – Pvt.

Elias Reedy – Pvt.

James M. Reedy – Pvt.

James Wesley Reedy – Pvt.

Solomon C. Reedy – Pvt.

William B. Reedy – Pvt.

William Reedy – Pvt.

King M. Roop – Pvt.

William Roop – Pvt.

William C. Ross – Pvt.

Thompson Rutherford – Pvt.

John W. Sage – Pvt.

John K. Scott – Pvt.

William M. Sebastian – Pvt.

C.D. Sells – Pvt.

Daniel J. Sells – Pvt.

George Washington Sells – Pvt.

William Franklin Sells – Pvt.

Archibald Sexton – Pvt.

Campbell Sexton – Pvt.

Clark Sexton – Pvt.

George Washington Sexton – Pvt.

Andrew Jackson Sheets – Pvt.

Frederick Sheets – Pvt.

James P. Sheets – Pvt.

James Sheets – Sgt.

John Harvey Sheets – Pvt.

Samuel L. Sheets – Pvt.

Nathan Shelton – Pvt.

William Smyth – Pvt.

Robert A. Spencer – Pvt.

Elihu P. Stamper – Pvt.

Francis Marion Strange – Pvt.

Francis A.B. Stringer – Pvt.

James Sullivan – Pvt.

Jordan G. Sullivan – Pvt.

Lewis Sullivan – Pvt.

N. Sutton – Pvt.

Pheocian L. Thompkins – Pvt.

Robert L. Thompkins – Pvt.

Robert S. Thompkins – Pvt.

William Walker – Pvt.

Loftin N. Walton – Pvt.

Thomas P. Walton – Pvt.

Wiley Walton – Pvt.

Rolen T. Washington – Pvt.

Simeon Watson – Pvt.

William Weaver – Pvt.

Silas Montgomery Weiss – Pvt.

R. Yeatman – Pvt.

Daniel York – Pvt.

Levi York – Pvt.

Andrew M. Young – Pvt.

Source Material:  Much of the information herein is derived from the book titled “50th Virginia Infantry” by John D. Chapla, a part of “The Virginia Regimental Histories Series”.  Published 1997 by H.E. Howard, Inc.