This Confederate re-enacting unit was founded by members of the Wade family for purposes of portraying Civil War historical events and honoring those men who served in the 50th Virginia, which included their own ancestral grandfather, a captain.

     We are a family oriented, non political organization that enjoys the many activities and much excitement associated with re-enacting, involving the camp life as well as the battles.  It is comprised of people from all walks of life who share the same fascination with the war and admiration for the courage of those who fought in it.

           Our company is active from Spring to Fall participating at various community events throughout the Midwest.  We hope to educate all those curious enough to visit our camps and battle fields about America's most divisive conflict.  All Re-enactors receive exstensive training in basic military maneuvers with much emphasis toward safety.  Our goal is to create an authentic presentation that will be a thrilling experience for both re-enactors and spectators.


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